Worst Status Updates Ever

Quick—get on Facebook to let everyone know you’re cold. Or you want cookies. Or you need help in deciding between mac ‘n’ cheese or pizza for dinner. Okay, if that’s not you but you find such status updates annoying, you are not alone. Real Simple magazine has conducted a poll of the most annoying Facebook updates, which are both funny and accurate:

24 percent: Intentionally vague posts meant to generate concern and attention, a.k.a. vaguebooking. “Jennifer wonders whether it’s all been worth it.”
20 percent: Chronic complaining. “Ugh, who ordered this RAIN? It’s making my carpal tunnel act up again.”
19 percent: Meaningless calls to action. “If you want to fight world hunger, put the color of your socks as your status update for the next half hour. I want to see who is brave enough to take a stand.”
14 percent: Oversharing. “Note to self: Next time, wear a thong with that wrap dress.”
13 percent: Miscellaneous posts—including polarizing religious or political statements, indecipherable txt spk, and game updates.
10 percent: Posting too frequently. “12:03: Chicken salad or tuna? 12:12: Chicken! Thanks for the responses.”

Like I said, it’s pretty accurate.

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