Worst Commercial Ever?

I’m normally not too bothered when musicians sell their songs for commercials, whether it be Elton John’s “Sad Songs (Say So Much)” for Sasson jeans, INXS’s “New Sensation” for a car ad, or Ingrid Michaelson’s “The Way I Am” for Old Navy—you gotta earn money somehow. And sometimes it works quite well, such as Feist’s video for Apple, or even The Heavy’s “How You Like Me Now?” for the Kia Sorento. But just how desperate were the artists who made up Tag Team, which sold their best hit, “Whoomp, There It Is,” to Luvs, which transformed it into “Poop, There It Is”? The ad is horrifying on so many levels—a “Heavy Dooty Championship” in which babies compete by doing what, exactly? Modern English seems so much more dignified after permitting “I Melt With You” to be used for Taco Bell’s Cheesy Beefy Melt.

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