When Life Hands You Onions…

It’s seemingly convenient to buy that bag of onions at the supermarket, except then you’re stuck with a bag of onions kept in the dark of your cupboard, where the majority of them are left to turn into science projects. I’d been meaning to use my own bag but forgot they were even there until my wife told me they were growing “things.” But over at Michael Ruhlman’s blog, the eponymous food writer reminds us of the perfect use for that netted bag: French onion soup.

“The soup deserves this high praise,” Ruhlman writes, “not only because it’s delicious and satisfying, but because it was borne out of economy. This is a peasant soup, made from onions, a scrap of old bread, some grated cheese, and water. Season with salt and whatever wine is on hand or some vinegar.” He also reminds us that the two main components, water and onions, are “two of the most powerful ingredients in your kitchen, rarely given the reverence they deserve.” (Ruhlman’s latest work is Ruhlman’s Twenty, which “attempts to distill cooking down to 20 fundamental techniques.” Attempts? My friend is being modest. It’ll make the perfect gift for the holidays. Just be sure to use the Amazon search engine to the right, so I’ll get my massive commission, which will be used to pay for our post-flood basement remodeling.)

Meanwhile, you’ll find the recipe for his version of French onion soup here. For some of you, a Nor’easter is headed your way this weekend. You’ll need a bowl of comfort like this to get you through.

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