‘Vodka’ on the Air (continued)

Last week I had the pleasure of going on The Derek Hunter Show on WBAL and Washington’s Drive at Five with Larry O’Connor on WMAL. Both hosts were gracious in promoting the book and on WMAL (beginning at the 30-minute mark) we took questions: One man said a shot of vodka is perfect before he goes on stage to sing. Another claimed rubbing vodka on skin areas affected by poison ivy is quite helpful. So the next time you go on a hike, don’t forget your Off! spray and a flask of Smirnoff!

One thought on “‘Vodka’ on the Air (continued)”

  1. Dear Victor,

    Thanks for this very special book, with a special note from the writer! I could not think of a more beautiful present for my birthday from Leo and Wieneke….. or it should be a bottle of Vodka !
    Amazing that Russian Vodka did conquer the American market. Lots of enjoyable reading Hanks to Peter the Great.

    Best regards and all the best with your whole family.
    Tom Spoormaker

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