Utensils Down

800px-Chopping_BoardA common complaint among Top Chef contestants is the unreasonable time limits. “Fifteen minutes isn’t a lot of time,” Josie Smith-Malave told me over the phone this afternoon. But it was a particular problem for Josie, and it finally got the better of her on last night’s episode. “It was a ridiculous challenge to go home for,” the Florida chef now based in San Francisco said. “Fried chicken is so ridiculous.” She said a lack of time led to her serving fried chicken still dripping with grease on banana leaves. On the other hand, the dishes created by Sheldon Simeon and winner Josh Valentine looked ridiculously good. While it was ballsy to tell guest judge David Chang your chicken is Ă  la Momofuku, Sheldon pulled it off. And Josh’s fried chicken, dredged in flour in brown paper bags and smoked, just couldn’t be beat. You can find the rest of my Top Chef update at weeklystandard.com.

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