The ‘Vodka’ Circuit

VodkaLast month I was honored to be hosted by Americans for Tax Reform, where vodka was served generously in the form of cocktails like the Phil Mickelson (really the John Daly—vodka plus iced tea and lemonade—but since Daly has struggled with alcohol, no laughing matter, ATR went with Phil, who appropriately enough has complained about taxes). Host Grover Norquist pointed out the chunk of taxes that are incorporated into a bottle of booze. I pointed out a tax credit that promotes flavored vodka—and the need to repeal it.

Also in August, D.C. publicist extraordinaire Janet Donovan interviewed me (in her posh studio above Café Milano in Georgetown) for an online episode of Hollywood on the Potomac. It was refreshingly quirky and unconventional—I loved it.

Earlier this week I spoke to the Kirkpatrick Society at a luncheon at the American Enterprise Institute—special thanks to Mary Eberstadt for hosting me.

And on Saturday, September 6, I will be doing a book-signing at the Barnes and Noble in Brick, New Jersey. It’ll be very exciting to see family and old friends. I just hope they all buy the book!

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