The Real Jersey Shore (updated)

Tempers are flaring in the tristate area (by which I mean New York, New Jersey, Connecticut) as both outages and shortages continue and gas lines lengthen—it seems some people are now charging $5 per D-cell battery, according to the above link. My folks in Toms River, N.J., tell me the local Enterprise car rental service has run out of vehicles to lend. Parts of the town remain under water and in the dark. Across the bridge in Seaside Heights, the rollercoaster and chunks of the boardwalk have been washed out to sea—not that you can easily get there from the main road, Route 37. At the intersection near the bridge, for instance, sits a boat. Its owner just found it (video courtesy of Asbury Park Press).

Needless to say, the boat is a visual oddity—but it’s not a tragedy. On Staten Island, something far more horrific took place when a mother and her sons pleaded for help, were turned away by a neighbor, and the storm surge took the two boys away.

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