The Offal Truth

I recently dined at the Green Pig Bistro in Arlington, Va., drawn to Scot Harlan’s penchant for organ meats or, as Tom Sietsema put it, “his casual ode to innards.” And so I began with a kung pao sweetbreads appetizer (pictured here)—veal sweetbreads fried and served with peanuts and soy sauce and cilantro. Sietsema’s complaint is that Green Pig over-salts and over-sugars, and I thought this about my appetizer (though the Washington Post food critic singled out this dish as a highlight). Still, the portion was small enough that the salt wasn’t too distracting. A little less sodium and it’d be just right, though obviously not for the faint of heart (or pancreas, in this case). My main course was a rabbit cake, a riff on the crab cake, beautifully executed. My wife and I then split a perfectly flavored and textured butterscotch pudding with candied pecans.

Twitter thought: Breaking Bad‘s Bryan Cranston recently told Parade, “I like to follow people who tweet something more meaningful than ‘I just had a great cheese sandwich!'” I agree. Sweetbreads, on the other hand, are always worth mentioning.

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