The House Will Come to Order

Netflix has just unveiled its first trailer for the second season of House of Cards. No spoilers, no dialogue—not even a change of scenery. All we see is Claire Underwood (Robin Wright) looking out her window, taking a nice, long drag from a cigarette. How unpolitically correct! Because of course when Robin Wright smokes, it’s undeniably sexy. (I just try not to think of that disturbing scene in the hospital between Claire and the former driver dying of cancer.)

With such a long break between seasons, I almost forget my concerns: Will the journalists bring down Frank Underwood or will the conniving whip and soon-to-be vice president prevail? And prevail how? Through more murder and mayhem? Yes, I am surprised the prostitute hasn’t been killed by Doug Stamper … yet. And what’s with the homeless guy who made the origami out of Claire’s money?

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