The Flavour and the Fire!

Despite the heat, I couldn’t resist ordering the New England clam chowder. Not that the chowder itself was the main attraction—it was the sherry peppers sauce I generously doused on it. The Griswold Inn in Essex, Conn., is the only place where I’ve come across Outerbridge’s Original Sherry Peppers Sauce, made in Bermuda. I consider it a must for condiment lovers (right up there with Pickapeppa Sauce).

According to the label,

THIS UNIQUE SAUCE is the cornerstone of all our products. Incorporates 17 herbs and spices and those attention getting piquant peppers! Unlike many hot “sauces” our Original Sherry Peppers Sauce has a robust aroma and flavour. Oh, it has a bite, but it is the flavour that lingers. Use it to enhance sauces, soups, stews, chowders, pep up a dip or dressing, put zing in a Bloody Mary or Martini, with vegetables, scrambled eggs, — almost anywhere a little “uplifting” is needed.

Please try our other zesty sauces, condiments and soups.

I do hope you enjoy them.

Yeaton Duval Outerbridge

And yes, he’s real. Outerbridge, a fourth-generation Bermudan, died in 2006.

(The chowder, incidentally, is of the creamier variety—chowder purists beware! Still, it was fine and was certainly uplifted by the sherry peppers sauce. I also highly recommend the house brew—clean, crisp, and not too heavy.)

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