The Bacon Shake

A blackberry shake from Jack in the Box. Photo courtesy of abbamouse.

Our love for bacon knows no bounds. From scallops wrapped in bacon to peanut butter-banana-bacon sandwiches to cookies baked in bacon fat (my colleague claims “you only have to eat 2 pounds of bacon to render the desired amount of cooking fat) to the Baconator to … the Bacon Shake?

For a limited time only, the Jack in the Box chain is now offering a bacon-flavored shake. (I actually thought the company had gone under after undercooked burgers traced to Jack in the Box restaurants sickened several hundred customers, killing four of them, in 1993.) This “special” treat, as mentioned on WTOP, is not on the menu but is available upon request. It also clocks in at 1,081 calories, way past Red Robin’s Monster Shake Mint Brownie (848 calories) and McDonald’s McCafĂ© chocolate shake (580 calories). And no, it does not use actual bacon, but rather a bacon-flavored syrup.

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