The $57,000 Question

As I note over at, there’s a presidential suite at the D.C. Park Hyatt available for four nights during the inauguration. It comes with a ton of amenities, from breakfast and dinner and tickets to the National Symphony Orchestra to a personal butler, bath butler, and the Hyatt rocking chair that will be shipped to your home. The turn-down treat is an apple pie (thankfully not on your pillow). The toilet is automated—the seat lifts and shuts with the press of a button. Another button activates the bidet. (This reminds me of a 7th-grade joke involving an airplane toilet and a button labeled “ATR.” Remember what it stands for?) And for an additional fee, a Saks Fifth Avenue stylist will provide your inaugural wardrobe. The package cost: $57,000.

(Bath photo by Len Depas.)

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