The 1955 Burger?

Just back from Vienna and with lots of observations (some of which I shared at Over the next few days and weeks, I’ll share a bit more here though a larger essay on the city will be written in the near future. One thing is certain—the number of American food chains has grown but not by much. There’s a T.G.I. Friday’s, Burger King, and even a Champion’s bar, but McDonald’s still dominates with multiple locations. Pictured here is the latest special, the 1955 Burger which, from the looks of it, has grilled onions, lettuce, bacon, tomatoes, and some sort of special sauce. But what exactly makes this recipe retro? Also notice McDonald’s continuing fixation over tomatoes, something it’s tried doing since at least the McD.L.T. (not to mention the Arch Deluxe). (In case you’re wondering, Anno Dazumahl is a play on words, a returning to a year but also returning to eat—mahl.)

In any event, the burger has been introduced before, such as in the below advertisement in Germany two years ago.

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