In the weekend Wall Street Journal, I reviewed Ilana Edelstein’s The Patrón Way: The Untold Inside Story of the World’s Most Successful Tequila. Edelstein was the longtime partner (business and personal) of Martin Crowley, the man who first discovered Patrón. But they never married and no aspect of her involvement in the company was put down in writing. So when he broke up with her and later died, the author was left with nothing. She’s remarkably upbeat considering the hundreds of millions of dollars that were at stake.

As I note in the review, the book is an intimate portrait:

Patrón became the benefactor of our exhilaratingly rare and racy relationship, because our passion and lust for life carried over into everything we did. Our lives were reflected in Patrón, just as much as Patrón was reflected in our lives, so it’s no surprise that it is such a sexy brand.

Think about that the next time you sip Patrón.

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