Silent Meal

It was only a matter of time before this latest dining fad occurred: A restaurant where customers are not permitted to talk so that more attention is devoted to the food.

Reports Press:

A restaurant in Brooklyn’s trendy Greenpoint neighborhood is serving up a four-course meal of organic, locally-sourced food, but isn’t allowing any chit-chat.

‘Eat’ restaurant chef Nicholas Nauman says he was inspired to put on the occasional ‘No Talking’ affairs after spending time with Buddhist monks in India. He says the silence allows customers a chance to better experience the food.

The restaurant’s Facebook page says seats fill up fast at the no talking meals.  It costs $40 for 4 courses.

I imagine that had the Buddhist monks eaten anything from Eat restaurant, they would’ve broken their silence to say, “Hey, that was delicious! What do you think?” Also, it’s not that complete silence will prevail. Instead you’ll hear the clinking of glasses, the scraping of silverware on china, and the moist sound of your neighbor chewing. What a great concept!

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