Remembering Julia Child

To mark the 100th anniversary of Julia Child’s birthday, French chef and author Jacques Pépin has a touching piece in the New York Times. In it, he mentions several themes covered during my own lunch with him last month, such as the disagreements he and Child had over cooking (black pepper versus white, and kosher salt, etc.) though it was always civil, unlike some recent descriptions. Pépin first visited the Childs in Cambridge in 1970—he remembers the wall of copper pots and skillets. Six years later, Pépin moved into his current home in Madison, Connecticut. The first thing I noticed, walking into the kitchen, was a wall of pots and pans (seen here). But one moment he describes in the Times is classic: “Julia embraced [Jacques’s wife] Gloria and me in a big bear hug, which, considering our disparate sizes, ended us up in the middle of her bosom.”

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