Power Games

MM_607_MY_0123_0139Both in the office and in the hotel room, last night’s Mad Men was all about power. (SPOILER ALERT) Following the merge of SCDP and CGC, a battle over authority and chain of command (and over office space) broke out. It’s even got Pete Campbell worried—as he made known to his secretary, he did not have a seat at the meeting. Don Draper challenges Ted Chaough to a drinking match (ostensibly to discuss Fleischmann’s margarine) leaving the latter a mess (thanks, Canadian Club). Don pushed his new colleague by saying everything short of “Drink, you pussy!”

Speaking of which, Don’s affair with Sylvia has taken a decidedly dark turn. Over at the Sherry Netherland, Don has the good doctor’s wife at his beck and call (remember how he did this with Megan last season?). But Sylvia drew the line—she fetched his shoes but not on her hands and knees. And while Don revels in the power of commanding her to lie naked until he returns, whenever that might be, he couldn’t have looked more fragile than when she decides it’s over. I know, how awful that he has to return to his gorgeous young wife.

Last season’s Don was like Tony Soprano post-coma—a brief spell of fidelity that we knew couldn’t possibly last. But will he ever get caught and pay a price? (My friend Sonny Bunch will tell you the answer is No.)

Photo credit: Michael Yarish / AMC

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