Paula Deen Has Diabeetis*

As she confirmed yesterday on the Today show, Paula Deen has type-2 diabetes—she’s actually known about it for the past three years. Yes, the disease can be genetic, but I’m betting this has more to do with the amount of physical activity, weight, and diet. According to Reuters, “[Deen] said she doesn’t eat how she cooks on her show on a daily basis and wouldn’t encourage others to either.” Even when she visited the Washington Post back in 2007, Deen stressed that “it’s about taking responsibility for yourself, and everything in moderation,” although she admitted her breakfast that morning was steak and eggs.

Her cooking demo at the Post featured Whipping Cream Grits:

Four tablespoons of butter go into Whipping Cream Grits at the outset, but in The Post’s kitchen she stirred in another couple of tablespoons at the end, right after the cream that gives them their name. And then she plopped another large pat of butter on top once they were in the bowl.

You know, for garnish.

“I like to put something in that’s gonna make it a little creamy,” says Deen, 60. A little? Deen’s grits are salty, smooth and richer than rich. Come to think of it, that pretty much sums up Deen herself.

Now Deen plans on introducing recipes tailored to fit her new diet in conjunction with her association with the pharmaceutical company Novo Nordisk. (I find this all really impressive: Even under dietary duress, Deen has managed to capitalize on her situation. And I’ve got nothing against Novo Nordisk, as long as it’s not like Devlin MacGregor.)

*I know there is an official, medical way of spelling diabetes—but that would mean pronouncing it “dia-bee-dees.” That is not how the disease is pronounced—at least not by America’s most famous diabeetis sufferer Wilford Brimley.

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