My Kingdom for a Carrot

Who knew you could get sent packing for a lousy side of carrots? But, in fact, that is what happened to Top Chef contestant Eliza Gavin, as I noted yesterday at “Eliza who?” you ask. If camera time per contestant were parsed, Eliza and Danyele McPherson probably received the least—as opposed to, say, Josh Valentine or the infamous John Tesar (the latter of whom was given the pseudonym of Jimmy Sears in Anthony Bourdain’s Kitchen Confidential). But Eliza took it all in good stride—she was upbeat when I spoke to her on the phone yesterday. Of all the challenges she faced, she said being away from her three-year-old son was the most difficult. And who is Eliza now rooting for? The exotic former model Kristen Kish. “She knows her shit,” said Eliza emphatically.

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