Meat Grinders

Michael Ruhlman has reposted his item on making really good hamburgers the best way possible—by grinding your own meat. (He feels about packaged ground beef the way I feel about frozen preformed patties.) But is it feasible/practical? I know people who have a distaste for handling raw beef. They’d rather not know how these things are made. And I imagine cleaning your grinder would have to be a labor of love. And you’d have to go out of your way to purchase a good grinder. My solution: Ask for it as a present. Or even better, to my friends who are getting married and registering products they will use only once (such as, say, a breadmaker or a panini press), register instead a meat grinder! Then invite me over for a test-run. I’ll bring the beef.

One thought on “Meat Grinders”

  1. Grind your own beef? If you really want to guarantee quality you need to raise your own beef. Then you can breed the ideal bull/cow combination for ground beef quality and raise the offspring to your requirements.

    Cleaning grinders isn’t too big of a deal. The meaty bits come off just so you can clean them.

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