Magnum Force

Make room for the Magnums! In your freezer, I mean. Somehow I’d forgotten that those delectable ice cream bars finally crossed the pond and have been in U.S. markets since 2011. But as the Wall Street Journal recently reported (content restricted), the latest edition, Magnum Gold?!, has a fashion tie-in:

[T]o introduce its Magnum Gold ice cream bars in the U.S., Unilever is partnering with American designer Zac Posen, sponsoring his creation of a gold-sequined evening gown for the launch of the brand. The bars are made of vanilla-bean ice cream with a swirl of sea-salt caramel and a gold-colored Belgian chocolate shell.

Sorry, I just passed out. In any event, that 24-karat gold dress is valued at $1.5 million, but I couldn’t care less. What I’m waiting for are the bus ads like the one I saw in Austria featuring a woman about to take a bite into a Magnum, sort of reminiscent of that Ohio Players album, Honey.

And why haven’t I seen this Rachel Bilson commercial before?

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