Larry Miller—The Early Years

It’s been a couple of months now since the actor and comedian Larry Miller has hosted his eponymous podcast, available on iTunes. Larry fell and bumped his head and has since been on the mend. His producers assure us he is fine, but they don’t know when he’ll be back. In the meantime, a fellow who goes by the YouTube name of concordjunction stumbled across a documentary of sorts from 1981, “So You Wanna Be A Star,” which chronicles Larry Miller’s quest to become a successful standup. He’s 25-years-old, thin, and with a full head of hair—long before the Five Levels of Drinking, Pretty Woman, The Nutty Professor, all those Chris Guest movies, Boston Legal, and that doorman episode of Seinfeld. Speaking of which, Seinfeld makes a cameo in this short video and, if you look carefully, so do Bill Maher and Kevin Nealon. (But doesn’t this remind you of the Dirk Diggler documentary?)

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