Jersey Theme Parks

The world’s tallest drop-tower ride is coming to my home state’s Six Flags:

I’ve done the original Freefall, and my friend Buck dropped a dime at the moment we fell, and it really did float in front of us for a few seconds. But I was never sure if the story of the girl getting killed on the ride because her hair got caught was real or an urban legend.

Meanwhile, Mashable has a short film on the heyday of Action Park, up in Vernon, New Jersey. That place was apparently a lawsuit just waiting to happen. The only story I have of Action Park is my friend’s friend (I know, it’s second hand) who worked at the entrance gate and supposedly asked every average-and-above-looking girl he met if she wanted to make out with him. The vast majority were offended (remember, this was the 1980s so nobody got fired for this) but with thousands streaming in every day, the odds were actually on his side. Hat tip: Jim Swift

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