‘It’s Really Complicated’

f7d28472-9859-d45e-6eed-9c99d3a0c5aa_MM_611_MY_0320_1141(SPOILER ALERT) It finally happened. Bob Benson revealed his true feelings to Pete Campbell! Okay, besides that (and what a nothingburger that turned out to be, unless, of course, Bob is a serial stalker). No, what happened last night on Mad Men is Don Draper finally got caught in the act—by his daughter. There she was in the Rosens’ apartment trying to recover a rather innocent love note and with a symbolic drop of the keys, Sally sees her father, pants down, on top of Sylvia Rosen. He had it coming (so to speak). Sylvia was clearly upset at herself, banging that mattress, angry that she let it happen again. Don goes chasing after Sally but doesn’t find her until dinnertime and by then he is stinking drunk and nowhere near resembling a man in control. He looked pathetic.

And speaking of pathetic, how about his excuse? Through the bedroom door he tells Sally he was merely “comforting” Mrs. Rosen and “it’s really complicated.” That’s right up there with Alec Baldwin’s character in Working Girl—when he’s caught cheating (a naked woman bouncing on his lap, to be precise), he says to his girlfriend (Melanie Griffith), “This is not what it looks like!” It also brings to mind Eddie Murphy’s line in Raw. Sally’s not buying it. And if she thought New York City was “dirty” after stumbling upon Uncle Roger getting serviced by Megan’s mother, how much filthier is the city now after catching her father in flagrante delicto?

So where does Don go from here? Does he explain to his daughter that his adulterous streak is the result of an upbringing in a whorehouse? Unlikely. Does it stop him from cheating on his wife? Also unlikely. But something’s got to give. What did he say about the Rosens’ son? “He can’t spend the rest of his life on the run.”

But how nice to see actor Ray Abruzzo still getting work—this time as the doorman. (He was memorable as the verbally challenged Little Carmine in The Sopranos.) And speaking of the greatest show of all time, remember that AR-15 that Bobby presents as a gift for Tony? We knew that rifle would reappear, which it did in the penultimate episode. Mad Men conspiracy theorists are no doubt thrilled following the teaser for next week’s penultimate episode: For a brief moment we glimpse Pete Campbell’s hunting rifle. It’s back. But will it be used?

Photo credit: Jaimie Trueblood / AMC

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