Breaking news out of the just-concluded Web 2.0 Summit in San Francisco: Google’s domination of the Internet may soon be coming to a close as rapper-entrepreneur MC Hammer has parachuted his way into the search engine business. Reports Mashable Tech,

Most search engines are built on links and keywords, explained Hammer at the Web 2.0 Summit in San Francisco. Google and other search engines aren’t as strong at connecting keywords to related topics—something he called relationship search.

Hammer explained a search for a car is not just about the car, but about the model, the mileage, the specs and even the zipcode (you likely want to buy from a local dealer). A search for a home is related to the surrounding community, schools, neighborhood condition and other related concerns.

“It’s about relationships beyond just the keywords,” Hammer said on stage.

To address this issue, Hammer launched WireDoo, with the tagline is “Search once and see what’s related.” The rapper and entrepreneur didn’t reveal much more about the search engine, beyond that it can bring up related topics to a search query in multiple verticals, including finance.

It’s important to note that Google Search does take into account keyword relationships, but Hammer believes that the search engine that his team has built — a project more than two years in the making — will prove to be more useful due to its focus on relational search.

To be honest, this “deep search” sounds too legit to quit. Still, when it comes to search engines, Google is certain Hammer can’t touch this. No doubt the rapper is telling his team that we’ve got to pray. We’ve got to pray just to make it today. And no, I couldn’t find an appropriate pun for the “Addams Family” song.

(Hat tip to Steve Ustaris.)


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