Great Moments in Litigation

As I noted at, this news item (from USA Today) just happened to catch my eye:

A jury has awarded a Georgia woman $3 million over her husband’s heart attack, finding that his doctor should have warned the Atlanta cop against strenuous activity like the three-way sex he was having at the time he died, WXIA-TV reports.

William Martinez, a 31-year-old Atlanta police officer, collapsed and died while he and a male friend were having sex with a woman who was not his wife at an Atlanta airport motel in 2009.

A lawyer friend tells me, “I suspect that the dead cop (and the other guy, for that matter) was having two-way sex—one guy, one lady.  Only the lady was truly having three-way sex. In fact, the ménage à trois might actually have been easier on the guy’s heart, because he probably got a little bit of downtime here and there. What I’m trying to say is that if I had been the doctor’s lawyer, he would have gotten off.  (Pun fully intended.)”

Another reader was reminded of the joke about the man who had a heart transplant: “When he was going home, he asked if it was okay to have sex. The doctor said yes but only with your wife. The patient asked why, and the doctor said, ‘With anyone else, the excitement would kill you.'”

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  1. Exactly why tort reform is necessary. Hopefully, this gets thrown out and the plaintiff has to pay for attorney’s fees.

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