Game, Set, and Match

It’s been a few weeks since Andy Roddick retired from professional tennis. But what does he do next—not that he has to do anything? (I’d become the pro at the Ritz-Carlton on Grand Cayman.) Although Roddick was supposed to be the future of American men’s tennis, that never happened. Still, there’s so much meanness out there.

The Onion headline from earlier this month read: “Andy Roddick Retires At Top Of Everyone Else’s Game.” The Wall Street Journal‘s Sentiment Tracker mentioned other zingers from the blogosphere, such as: “Thanks for all the disappointments, Andy!” “His greatest achievement was marrying Brooklyn Decker” and “Now go home to your Sports Illustrated bikini model wife and retire like a real man.”

Maybe they’ll start hanging out with Pete Sampras and Bridgette Wilson.

Photo by Vladsinger at en.wikipedia

One thought on “Game, Set, and Match”

  1. Shouldn’t you be leaving the tennis beat to Last? Look, Roddick was a very good player who had the misfortune to be born at about the same time as Federer. That’s not his fault. If he born 6 or 8 years later and coming into his prime now, he would surely have had a better chance at winning more than 1 major. Same deal as, say, Goran Ivanisevic had with Pete Sampras.

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