For the Benefit of Beatles Fans

Could this be the best feature on any tour ever?

From the Wall Street Journal:

At Abbey Road Studios, four visitors are summoned to a corner of the cavernous Studio Two to recreate an iconic sound made 47 years ago by another quartet: the Beatles.

On instructions, the lucky group is directed to three pianos—Steinway and Challen uprights, and a Steinway concert grand—and place their hands on keys marked with colored tape. On cue, they strike the chord, let it sustain as long as possible, and indulge in a rare act of rock ‘n’ roll tourism: playing the thundering finale of “A Day in the Life” in the same room, using the same instruments as the Beatles did in 1967.

That’d be like taking a West Wing tour and sitting on the president’s chair. Or going up those closed-off stairs at Graceland and sitting on the … well, you get the idea.

One thought on “For the Benefit of Beatles Fans”

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