Fly Me

rsz_mad_men-1_planecabin_jon_john_0089_0095_0104_v2I suppose when Mad Men returns on April 13, the timeframe will be 1969-1970. Check out the outfits of the stewardesses above (before they were termed “flight attendants”). The uniforms are less seductive than a few years back (note those hats and scarves) but the service is probably still stellar (white gloves!). This scene will be interesting to contrast with “The Jet Set” from a few seasons earlier. But where are Roger and Don heading? Detroit? California? Japan? Speaking of which, when does the Honda subplot return? Remember Sterling Cooper lost the Honda motorcycle account but the door was left open for a future auto account, which the admen seemed to brush off. But then came the first Honda sedan, the 1300, in 1969, followed by the Civic in 1972 (according to Wikipedia). Maybe?

Photo credit: Frank Ockenfels 3/AMC

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