‘Exclusively for Everybody’

How does the largest seller of vodka (at least 25 million cases a year) stay ahead of the other thousand or so brands all competing for shelf space? By poking fun at the idea of vodka as a status symbol, an object of luxury. Smirnoff is affordable, sometimes found on the rail. But it’s not, say, Aristocrat or Wolfschmidt. In fact, it’s won blind taste tests against luxury brands. So who needs a vodka, as Alison Brie mentions below, “made from potatoes that look like famous people’s faces”?

Smirnoff’s latest campaign is called “Exclusively for Everybody.” In other words, skip the rope line, turn your back on that bottle-service table, and enjoy some affordable but good vodka—maybe on the rocks with a splash of soda and a lime. (The ad, segments of which you might have already seen, was created by the firm 72andSunny.)

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