Dr. Pepper Brisket and Ribs

It was a close call on last night’s Top Chef: Texas. Should the judges eliminate Chris Jones for overseeing a poorly executed barbecue or Beverly Kim for avoiding any responsibility and undercooking her beans? What about Ed Lee who served his team’s brisket presliced and therefore dry (he had his reasons)? In the end, it was Chris Crary who went home for the “excessive saltiness” (Colicchio’s words) of his brisket and ribs—as he explained at judges’ table, he incorporated Dr. Pepper into the sauce because, well, Dr. Pepper is so very Texas. (It’s true, actually. Just ask my colleague Terry Eastland.) It might sound a bit odd but my friend Jose still swears by his mother’s Pepsi Chicken.

In any event, Chris can still come out ahead if fans continue to vote for him as their favorite—first place would win him $10,000. For more on last night’s episode (including how Chris lost 70 pounds in two years), click here.

2 thoughts on “Dr. Pepper Brisket and Ribs”

  1. I love love love a slow cook recipe I have for Dr. Pepper pork! Those Texans may be on to something….

  2. There is a contingent of home grillers and BBQers who use Coke and Dr. Pepper in their cooking. I have used Dr. Pepper (though I prefer ginger ale) in my beer can chicken (in place of the beer) and accompanying sauce

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