Donating to the District

Here a little slice
There a little cut
Three percent for sleeping with the window shut
When it comes to fixing prices
There are lots of tricks he knows
How it all increases
All them bits and pieces Jesus!
It’s amazing how it grows!

—”Master of the House”

Friend and spirits author Kevin R. Kosar was more than a little irked when he was recently ticketed for a sticker violation. No, it wasn’t that he forgot to renew. His up-to-date sticker is right there on his windshield. But because he says the old one is a pain to remove, he simply left it there. As if District parking cops were going to let that slide!

Remember when D.C. started ticketing people who parked their cars in their own driveways?

I told him he’s fortunate his tags haven’t expired—that sort of crime could land him in jail.

One thought on “Donating to the District”

  1. This recently happened to me in DC as well. I had removed my old sticker (which is also required by law) but had not attached the new sticker because the glue residue was still there and past experience shows that new stickers do not adhere well when glue residue is still on the windshield. To top off the injustice, I was ticketed again the very next day, by the same meter maid, 24 hours and 3 minutes after the first ticket (which was still on my windshield because I had not seen been to my car yet). I appealed both tickets by mail and won the appeal on the second, but not the first.

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