De Niro’s Vodka

“Anyone that knows Bob knows there isn’t one particular way he likes his vodka. It depends on the mood. It’s all about the occasion for him.”

—Giles Woodyer, brand managing director at Artisan Spirit Merchants, to Variety

Yes, even Robert De Niro has a vodka—it’s called VDKA 6100. But considering Dan Aykroyd, Bill Murray, Bruce Willis, Shaquille O’Neal, and Dennis Rodman have vodkas, De Niro seems to be a latecomer.

As Giles Woodyer explained to Variety‘s Shalini Dore, “Rather than coming in when everything was set in stone, Bob was involved with everything from the beginning.” Dan Aykroyd, who took a similarly meticulous approach with Crystal Head, would approve. The roll out, much like for Absolut Elyx, is also proceeding cautiously—at the moment it’s only in New York City (no doubt at De Niro-backed hotels and restaurants). The name, according to the brand’s website, is inspired by Australia’s country code, 61. Which brings up a more interesting observation: It’s an Australian vodka.

The Wall Street Journal further reports,

ASM President Paul Gardner said the marketing will be “heavily digital” and subtle—through press and “organically”—similar to the ways [De Niro is] associated with the hotels and restaurants he’s a major investor in, in places like New York, Saudi Arabia and Las Vegas. “This is not about ‘Robert DeNiro’s vodka. This is a vodka that’s been co-created by a company in Australia.”

So now that De Niro has co-created a vodka, what about one for Joe Pesci? They can call it Effu Vodka? Right? Maybe? No? Oh, why don’t you go @#$% your mother.

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