Dawson’s Creak

So here’s the deal: If someone owes you money and you suggest that person doesn’t have to pay you back in cash but rather in, say, sex, you can be charged not with solicitation, but rather prostitution. Ben Clifford Dawson recently found this out (as Rodney Dangerfield might put it) the hard way.

As NBC Chicago reports, Dawson “was charged with prostitution and assault with the intent to commit sexual abuse after he allegedly offered to let a 33-year-old woman repay part of a $7,000 loan by allowing him to perform sex acts on her.” In addition, “Dawson also grabbed the victim and began kissing [her] neck without consent, according to police.” And there have been other complaints to boot.

Also, if you’re wondering about the headline, it’s a reference to Dawson’s age, which is 83.

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