Cinnabon Meets Vodka

What will they think of next? In my upcoming book on vodka, I report from Jim Beam headquarters in Illinois—Beam is the owner of Pinnacle Vodka, famous (or infamous) for its flavored varieties, such as Whipped, Cake, and Rainbow Sherbet. I sat with a Beam executive and we ran the gamut of flavors—at which point I thought I’d blow his mind with my own suggestion (you’ll have to wait for the book to find out). But then this came out:

Repelled? Grossed out? Disgusted? Just remember the words of drinks writer Jason Wilson who said in Boozehound, “The largest liquor companies in the world haven’t launched more than five hundred flavored vodkas because no one wanted to drink them.” And keep in mind Cinnabon operates more than 1,000 franchises around the world. Clearly there are people who like the stuff. And there’s probably a good chance they like vodka, too (it is, after all, 32 percent of the drinks market). Now imagine the two combined…

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