Cheesy Songs

The Wall Street Journal reports on the search for a cheddar anthem:

As set down by the British Cheese Board, the idea is to lyrically extol the charms of Cheddar to the tune of a patriotic hymn—either “Land of Hope and Glory,” “Jerusalem,” or the national anthem, “God Save the Queen.”

Entries were in the form of audio or video clips, and on Wednesday, the judges drew up a list of five finalists. The British public now has one month to pick their favorite. The winner gets a year’s supply of Cheddar.

As you can imagine, the results have been, well, cheesy. The sounds are grating. (WSJ‘s Gautam Naik makes use of every cheese pun possible.) As seen in the video for this story, it’s about what you’d expect. But that isn’t to say it won’t work. Remember the “Cheese, Glorious Cheese” song? (My wife had to remind me it’s a riff from Oliver!)

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