Casualties of (Restaurant) Wars

Notice how everyone gets all excited about the Restaurant Wars episode of Top Chef? And yet some of the better chefs have ended up packing their knives by war’s end. I’d count Ty-Lör Boring among them. (Incidentally, his name was given to him during an apprenticeship in Denmark and, as he told me yesterday, “it sort of stuck”). Ty, who has studied past Restaurant Wars, said the one thing they all have in common is that the person sent home failed on some technical level. In Ty’s case, the Thai crab appetizer is what apparently did him in. What is also clear is service counts for only so much—if it counted for more, the guys’ restaurant Canteen would have been the deemed the better one (Ed Lee was far superior at front of the house than Lindsay Autry). For more on my interview with Ty, click here.

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