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The blog is on break because of travel. In the interim, I highly recommend “Beaucoup de Bocuse” from WSJ. magazine, about the legendary chef, the Bocuse d’Or, and America’s quest for a medal. (You would think that with mentors like Daniel Boulud and Thomas Keller—not to mention Paul Bocuse himself (a dream team if there ever was one)—a gold medal would be within reach. But somehow the Americans are continually thwarted by the likes of the Scandinavians (see Jason Wilson’s essay on Noma in Copenhagen in the Washington Post). The 2013 Bocuse d’Or takes place next week. Will the Americans finally triumph? Best wishes to Greenbriar chef Richard Rosendale and his commis Corey Siegel—the former was profiled in the Washington Post Magazine. (I would have loved to write a book on the competition, if only to spend time with the likes of Boulud and Keller, but it’s already been done. So check out Knives At Dawn by Andrew Friedman for more on the gastronomic event of the year.)

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