Best Movie Ever!

Variety‘s Timothy M. Gray used to point out the worst movie blurbs of the year. For example, from his August 13, 1999 column, Gray mentions:

“A romantic comedy David Spade style”—Jim Ferguson, KMSB Fox Tucson, on Lost & Found

“The most terrifying movie of the decade”—Maria Salas, Gems Television, on Deep Blue Sea

“Brosnan and Russo steal the show”—Bill McCuddy, Fox News Channel, on The Thomas Crown Affair. (Gray asks, “Steal it from whom?”)

But over the weekend I caught an ad for Grudge Match, which ran in very large print a rave about this being the movie you have got to see! (I do plan on seeing it, by the way, because one of my best friends was a cameraman on set and can be seen in the ring with Sylvester Stallone and Robert DeNiro.) But what struck me was the rave reviews dotting the screen were tweets from filmgoers. And the one in big print was from someone with the handle christygirls03. This reviewer has 91 followers. Blogger Matt Ralston, who also noticed this, wonders how many of these handles are connected to Warner Brothers.

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