Part III

On one of those HBO expansion channels I came across The Godfather Epic, which combines Part I and Part II in chronological order, plus deleted scenes. It’s interesting and informative (though it still does nothing to clear up the confusion over Frank Pentangeli and the attempted hit by the Rosato Brothers). It leaves out, however, the third installment from 1990—not that anyone was clamoring for it. Except, well, maybe Ted Cruz. While he was still campaigning, Cruz told CNN’s Anderson Cooper he was fond of all three Godfathers. Cooper asked if the Texas senator was sure he meant to include the last movie. Cruz stuck to his guns. Over at you can find an extended discourse on the subject of Part III, its merits and faults, and even whether it was meant to be made in the first place.

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  1. You silly people and your problems with Sofia Coppola! What she lacked in Thespian skill she more than made up for in earnestness…and she wasn’t bad to look at either. Except for the death scene. She was not good at that. At all. And the scene with Andy Garcia where she obviously forgot her line and Garcia picked her up. Yeah. That wasn’t good either. But other than that…

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