For AB InBev, It’s Miller Time

StLouisABPackaging_PlantI discuss the AB InBev-SABMiller merger at Two things I left out: What does SAB stand for? South African Breweries. This is significant as it conveys the global extent of this potential multibillion-dollar merger. So even if the new company sheds Miller (which could end up with Molson Coors), it’ll still have plenty of brews around the world. Go to SABMiller to see just how many brands are in the mix. Second, I failed to mention that not only are fewer Americans drinking Budweiser, but also fewer Americans are drinking beer. The number of beer drinkers in this country continues to decline while the number of wine and spirits consumers continues to rise. Hence the thought that this merger is less about world domination than it is about survival.

Photo by Maksim

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