Hail Caesars!

IMG_1031Thanks to John Noonan for happening across my Casual when he was at Caesars Palace, Las Vegas. In 2011, I dropped by the hotel barbershop where Sal Jeppi gave me the best ever shave and a haircut. Yes, it was comped, but I can tell you if (a) you’re treating yourself for a birthday or some other milestone or (b) just hit it big at the craps table, the treatment is worth the price ($70 for the haircut, around $150 when you throw in the straight-razor shave).

To be honest, I was a bit surprised the folks at Caesars framed my column—my take on the Qua Spa was a bit snarky: What’s with all the naked old dudes? Why do I feel like the oddball, so to speak, for wearing swim trunks? The water felt great, don’t get me wrong, and the surroundings were very Roman, but I’d much prefer a barber’s chair in full recline, a hot towel on my face, and Sinatra from the speakers.

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