Bottle Shock

aceofspadesDuring my recent visit to Las Vegas, I had the opportunity to tour Southern Wine and Spirits’s distribution warehouse where all the liquor, wine, beer, and even water gets sent out to the various casino hotel and restaurant clients. I’m saving the details of what I saw (corridors of vodka, towers of wine, possibly the Ark of the Covenant) for Vodka: An Illustrated History, but on a non-vodka-related note: Although the approximately one million cases of beverages are stored every which way (the cases are scanned and traceable), there is a section separated by chain-link. This is where the most valued items are temporarily housed, including a Melchizidek (30 liters) of Ace of Spades, the Jay-Z champagne of choice. The cost: $44,000. But if you think that is outrageous, try the Melchizidek of Boerl & Kroff, with an estimated price tag of $89,000. Who’s paying this much for bubbly? Remember, it’s Vegas, so someone will.

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  1. No, the scary thing is that’s probably the wholesale price. I’m not even sure I want to know what they’re charging the clubbers for those.

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