‘Leonard Bernstein!’

Somehow I missed that R.E.M. broke up. Or maybe I just forgot. Or maybe it would’ve been a bigger deal had this happened 15 years ago. According to the Wall Street Journal‘s “Sentiment Tracker,” 10 percent of online comments were in favor of the breakup, 23 percent were opposed to it, and 67 percent were neutral (from a total of 14,788 posts). Some of the comments (not available online) were reprinted, such as:

“R.E.M. called it quits? My 13-year-old self is crying over the nostalgia.”

“I loved R.E.M. all the way to the very end. And by the very end I mean 1986.”

“Bye, R.E.M. Sad day. Still, anyone who links to ‘Everybody Hurts’ to express their feelings should be subjected to serious eye-rolling.”


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